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Jari in great shape again!
« Gepost op: 10 september 2006, 12:35:54 »
Hi you all Ajax fans!

I thought you'd like to know that our dear Jari Litmanen seems to have left injuries behind for a change.

As a captain of the Finnish National team he scored twice in the first qualifying game against Poland (Finland won 3-1)

He also gave the crucial serve to Finland's goal in the second game against Portugal, which ended 1-1

After the game against Portugal the portugese press wrote
"Litmanen o maestro"

He also had a great spring in Sweden before the WC break, he played four games in a row, scored twice and gave 3 assists.
Swedish tabloids wrote after the game against Djurgården:

"The difference between these teams was Jari Litmanen"

It's great to see how Jari is still able to play great football. He's of course much slower than back in 95 for example, but he gives great passes with just one touch, and always gives the ball to a player who has time and possibility to play forward.
And we should keep in mind:
As long as soccer is played with just one ball, Jari Litmanen is very little in a hurry.
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« Reactie #1 Gepost op: 10 september 2006, 13:15:00 »
I met a Malmö supporter just a week ago and he was very appreciative of Jari as well. It's too bad he was injured for the greatest part of the summer, but the difference between Malmö with or without Jari is striking, he said.

I'm really glad to see that he still seems to be in great shape at the age of 35. He was wonderful against Poland! Let's hope he'll go on like this for another few years so that we can enjoy him in Austria and Switzerland in 2008.
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Re: Jari in great shape again!
« Reactie #2 Gepost op: 2 februari 2008, 09:51:08 »
Hello everyone!

I'm a finnish football fan, and I had to register your site because we need you to help. Please read the following text and also tell about that for your friends who cannot read it in english.

Today it's the time to show how much we have been enjoying marvellous skills of former Ajax player Jari "Litti" "King" Litmanen. Finnish website has made a poll which is asking this question: Which one of these is your king: Jari "Litti" Litmanen or one finnish hockey player. Litti's reputation is at stake! Now everyone who support Litmanen, click the following link and vote for Jari! Hockey player is leading at the moment, and we really don't want to lose this one!

There is a question: "Kumpi on kuninkaampi, Litti vai Teemu." Click to vote for Jari "Litti" Litmanen
Together we can make it! Thousands of thanks for everyone who will vote!
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